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Tube pipe Dnepropetrovsk UkraineTube (pipe) - industrial product with a hollow round or profiled cross-section. Tube (pipe) made ​​of industrial metals and alloys, organic materials (plastics, resins), concrete, ceramics, glass, wood, and their compositions.

Tube (pipe) used for transporting of various materials. Metal pipe is widely used in construction as a structural profile and the mechanisms - for transmission shaft.


Metals and alloys

  • Copper and alloys containing copper. Plumbing and heating use only phosphorus deoxidized copper M1F brand and its European equivalent Cu-DHP (CW024A) and M1R;
  • Stainless steel;
  • Bronze;
  • Brass;
  • Iron iron various brands;


  • Polyvinyl chloride (abbreviated PVC) and other chlorine-based compounds;
  • Polivinildiftorid (NYSE PVDF (PVDF)) and the other on the basis of fluorine;
  • Polyethylene (PE abbr.), distinguish the PE-80, PE-100, and so on;
  • Cross-linked Polyethylene (NYSE PEX), distinguish PEXa, PEXb, PEXc depending on how the stitching;
  • Fiberglass;
  • Polypropylene;
  • Polybutene;

Composite materials

  • Aluminum metal-tube consists of an inner layer of polyethylene heat-working, intermediate base layer of aluminum and the outer protective layer of polyethylene, using adhesives;
  • Copper metal-tube consists of an inner working of copper 0.3 mm and the outer protective layer of polymeric material thickness of 2-3 mm without the use of adhesives;
  • Steel with cement and waterproofing external protective coating against corrosion, to protect it from corrosion apply enamel;

On the basis of concrete and other materials

  • Ceramic;
  • Asbestos is often used as casings for installation of various pipelines;
  • Concrete;
  • Concrete used for drainage, sewage, snowmelt, storm water.


Transporting substances

Pipe effectively separates the external environment from the inside, while allowing the latter to move. Pipes are used for transportation of various substances, including toxic, corrosive, in various states of aggregation: solid (bulk), liquid phase (various liquids), gas phase (steam and gas). And tubes are used to transport documents - pneumomail.

Technological needs

Pipes are used to transmit the pressure as the impulse for technological needs.

Communications protecition

Pipes are used to protect electrical wires, both the power and information, for example, to protect the optical fiber.

Excavation, drilling

  • Casings that hold the soil so that it is not attacked;
  • wells (manhole ring), galleries, catchment wells.

Manufacturing processes

Manufactured pipe shall meet the requirements of the state standards: GOST, SNIP, TU. In cases where the characteristics of pipes, not intended for mass use, differ from the standard requirements for such pipes are installed technical specifications (TS).


Metal tubes usually are welded. Seam is along the tube - welded pipe, or is wound in spiral - spiral pipe. Modern technologies allow to significantly increase the strength of the seam steel pipe - its strength by only 10-15% less than the strength of the rest of its parts.


Seamless pipes rolling ingot equipment that creates a hole in the center. Seamless pipes are used where you need higher strength and reliability (for example, gas cylinders, the oil industry, and so on). Copper pipes for water and gas are seamless because of technology.


You can also make pipes by drilling hole in a cylindrical workpiece. With this method, a large piece of metal into a chip, so it is used for pipes not as such, but only for parts of different machines and mechanisms (including gun barrels).

Fold with a reduction

One of the modern methods of tube manufacture. Formation of tubular section with a longitudinal seam weld.


Pipes can be produced by casting. Fill material in the form of a central core, or rapidly rotating hollow form.


Plastic pipes are most often extrusion (extrusion).

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