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Titanium wire

Titanium wire buy price supply delivery grade 2

Properties of titanium make this material indispensable in many industries. This unique metal in future will prevail in many areas. Titanium wire is very popular because of its characteristics (strength, corrosion resistance, resistance to temperature changes and resistance to chemical attack). Titanium leads in relevance and applicability. Titanium wire is made of pure titanium and titanium alloys (VT1-0, OT4, VT20, BT6).

Titanium wire is used for pulling, welding, manufacturing grid, as needle electrode for manufacturing titanium hardware (bolt, nut, screw, stud), etc.

Titanium often alloyed with aluminum, molybdenum, iron, vanadium and other metals. These alloys are used in area where you need light, strength and heat resistant material. For example, in the aerospace, chemical, petrochemical industries.


Titanium wire packed in coils, stored in closed warehouses, where it can be protected from mechanical, chemical, and other damage.


Titanium wire is used in many industries. In medicine titanium alloys are very common as titanium - the only metal that is perceived by our body. Thus, titanium is used as implants. Each year, humanity finds new areas where titanium wire may be useful. Today, titanium is used in aerospace area, aircraft, automotive, chemical, oil and gas industry. Thin titanium wire was successfully used as a getter-spiral of land holders on the heated cathodes. Many standards govern the production of titanium wire. For each standard titanium has its own technology. Titanium wire would be applied more, but the cost of material is very high. Titanium - metal of the future, which is justified, despite the high cost. This material has a great future.





Titanium wire

ASTM B863 - 10

Grade 2, Grade 5, Grade 9


Supply of titanium

Our company supplies titanium ingots, titanium bars, titanium tubes, titanium sheets and plates, also titanium wire VT1-0, OT4-0, OT4-1, OT4, VT5-1, VT5, VT6 VT6S, VTZ-1, VT8, VT9, VT14, VT15, VT16, VT18 VT18U, VT20, VT22, BT-23, VT25, PT1M, Alloy 2B PT3V, PT-7M.

LLC "Renal-D" supplies titanium from stock in Dnepropetrovsk, Ukraine:

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