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Titanium sheet

Titanium sheet  buy price supply delivery gradeTitanium sheet - rectangular cross section titanium and alloys. Sheet properties depend on the method of production and processing, chemical composition and state of matter.

According to the standards, the sheets must be cut at right angles to the edges and should not have rough burrs.
Titanium sheet manufactured according to GOST 22178-76 titanium alloy VT1-0 iVT20, OT4 with a chemical composition according to GOST 19807-74 and 90013-81 OST 1.

Titanium sheet light, high-strength and corrosion-resistant. It is characterized by low thermal conductivity, great stamina, good ductility and weldability. Useful properties of the material stored at low and high temperatures.





Titanium sheet (plate)

ASTM B265 - 11

Grade 2, Grade 5, Grade 9



Titanium sheet is used for the production of aircraft, missile and space technology. Cover, screws, shafts sea and river fleet, as well as heating and cryogenic equipment Made of titanium sheet. It is widely used in engineering, food and chemical industries.

High specific strength of titanium sheet, its thermal stability and has resistance to corrosion, including salt (sea) water, good resistance to fatigue loading.

Supply of titanium

Our company supplies titanium ingots, titanium bars, titanium tubes, titanium sheets and plates, also titanium wire VT1-0, OT4-0, OT4-1, OT4, VT5-1, VT5, VT6 VT6S, VTZ-1, VT8, VT9, VT14, VT15, VT16, VT18 VT18U, VT20, VT22, BT-23, VT25, PT1M, Alloy 2B PT3V, PT-7M.

LLC "Renal-D" supplies titanium from stock in Dnepropetrovsk, Ukraine:

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