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Titanium hardware

Titanium hardware fasteners, bolts, nuts, screws, washersLLC "Renal-D" delivers titanium fasteners, bolts, titanium nuts, titanium screws, washers, etc. Titanium hardware used in industries such as mining, agriculture, automotive, construction, defense, marine industry, transportation, oil and gas, hospitality and tourism.

We can supply titanium parts for the following processes:

  • Hot Forging
  • Production of different types of screws, nuts and bolts
  • Production specially manufactured parts made of titanium and its alloys
  • Milling cutting
  • Laser cutting
  • Special heat treatment
  • Different treatments

Characteristics and features of titanium screws allowed to work with the chemical and electrochemical industry (due to its high electrical conductivity with stainless steel) in the maritime field, the medical sector and in robotics. Titanium screws also used in the marine sector.

Petrochemical plants and oil platforms use titanium as the most suitable material for work in the sea due to its excellent corrosion resistance, as well as ease and structural stability.

In the field of robotics titanium is widely used for weight loss and guarantee the sustainability of the "fatigue", no problems with corrosion.
Titanium screws can be used for mechanical equipment in the field of industrial robotics, even at 300/400 °C.
For the medical industry, we supply products for surgery and prosthetics.

Supply of titanium

Our company supplies titanium ingots, titanium bars, titanium tubes, titanium sheets and plates, also titanium wire VT1-0, OT4-0, OT4-1, OT4, VT5-1, VT5, VT6 VT6S, VTZ-1, VT8, VT9, VT14, VT15, VT16, VT18 VT18U, VT20, VT22, BT-23, VT25, PT1M, Alloy 2B PT3V, PT-7M.

LLC "Renal-D" supplies titanium from stock in Dnepropetrovsk, Ukraine:

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