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Stainless wire

Stainless steel wire

Stainless steel wire AISI 321 AISI 304

Stainless steel wire - wire with corrosion protection. Production of stainless steel GOST 18143-72 with high resistance to many types of corrosion (corrosive environment, soil corrosion, etc.) and heat resistance. Stainless steel wire commonly used for welding and general life.

Stainless steel wires used in engineering, energy, food, oil, chemical industry.

Grades of steel - 12H13, 20X13, 30X13, 40X13, AISI 304 (08H18N10) 12H18N9, 12Cr18Ni10Ti 12X18H9T, 10X17H13M2T, 10H17N13M3T, 17H18N9. Diameter 0.13-7.0 mm.

Types of processing stainless wires:

Oxidized stainless steel wires (grades - 12H13, 20X13, 30X13, 40X13)

Non-oxidized stainless steel wires (grades - 08H18N10, 12H18N9, 12Cr18Ni10Ti 12X18H9T, 10X17H13M2T, 10H17N13M3T, 17H18N9).

The most popular grade - 12X18H10T because of its high performance, heat resistance and corrosion resistance.


Stainless steel wire is most often used for welding stainless steel, since it can not be done with the usual electrodes. All stainless steel wires made according to GOST 18143-72 and have the necessary certificates.

Stainless steel wires  widely used in many industries, such as chemical and food industry, in architecture, furniture manufacturing, moving parts, tools and mechanisms that have mechanical load and operate in hostile environments. We should also note the use of stainless steel wire in the manufacture and design of the engine. Replacement is impossible because of the corrosion and mechanical stress resistance of stainless steel.

Common grades of stainless steel 12Cr18Ni10Ti 10X17H13M2T, 20H23N18, 08H18N10. Chrome-nickel steel with titanium addition is able to work at the operating temperature 390-790 ° C. 12X18H10T wire used in the chemical and petrochemical industry, equipment, resistant to high temperatures. Stainless stal 20H23N18 heat-resistant, operating temperature up to 1100 °C.

Types of stainless steel wire

Stainless wire

Stainless steel wire 12X18H10T

Stainless steel wire 12X18H10T 0,3-7 mm diameter. Specifications for a wire according to GOST 18143-72. Delivery in coils in different sizes. Foreign analog - AISI 321.

Stainless steel AISI 321 wire used in constructions, for the manufacture of fencing and wire mesh. Also for produce small parts for automobiles. Stainless steel wire needed in energy and industry.

Stainless steel welding wire

We offer various types of wire for welding. Diameter of 1-4 mm. Material: high-alloy steels 04H19N9 and 06H19N9T. Packaging in coils. Regulated by GOST 2246-70.

Scope: production of metal products, electrodes, welded wire mesh and designs.

Stainless steel mesh with a square mesh

Stainless steel mesh with a square mesh AISI 321 0,024-3,5 mm diameter. Cell size 0,024-29 mm. Delivery of goods is carried out in coil. The length is 10-30 square meters. Regulated by GOST 3826-82.

Stainless steel mesh is used for grinding, drying and separation of bulk materials by size. Small cells can effectively filter liquid and gas. Perfect for air purifiers, fences, building fittings, insulation and industrial conveyor equipment.

Stainless welded mesh

Stainless steel mesh AISI 321. Grid spacing of 8-110 mm. Method of production: welding wires are perpendicular to the places where they intersect. Specifications in accordance with GOST 23279-85.

Stainless steel welded mesh is used to make fences and concrete structures. reinforcement in the construction and asphalting of the streets. Widely used in machinery, livestock, agriculture, fuel, mining, food processing and chemical industries.

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