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Stainless tee

stainless teesStainless Tees - part of pipeline fittings with three holes that allows to connect to another tube. Depending on the design stainless tee can be divided into direct and transient. Stainless tees are used to transport liquid, oil, gas, etc. Stainless tee corrosion resistant, so it is perfect material to use in high humidity.


Stainless tees is a welded structure made of pipes and pipe fittings, which covered with insulating material. Workpiece can serve as seamless or welded pipe.

For production of stainless tees using the following methods:

hot stamping;

hydraulic punching;

Welded tees.

Process occurs in several stages. Initially cut billet lengths.

The most commonly used method - stamping. Since it is the most economical. This method is used only in large enterprises and production profitable only at high volume.

To connect the pipes use Stainless flanges.

Stainless tee needed for the separation and change in direction of fluid flow in the pipeline. There are direct and transitional stainless tees. Direct tees have the same diameter, and transient - are perpendicular to the main stream and have a smaller diameter.

Tees are made of stainless steel grades: 08H18N10, 10H17N13M2T, 12X18H10T, AISI 304, AISI 316Ti.

Stainless tees are used for plumbing and pipes through which the water flows.

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