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Stainless rod

Stainless steel rod round bar price supply

Stainless steel rod grade AISI 321 (12X18H10T) widely used in food, chemical, textile, pharmaceutical and paper industries. Stainless steel rod is non-magnetic, corrosion resistant and easily welded. Operating temperature range 400-800 C.

Stainless steel rod grade AISI 304 (08H18N10) is an analog and a substitute for imported steel AISI 321 (12Kh18N10T). It is the best material for food industry.

Stainless steel rod grade AISI 310s (20H23N18) is used to make products operating at temperatures 1000-1100 °C. This steel grade well known for its refractory and non-magnetic properties.

Stainless steel rod grade AISI 201 - cheaper substitute for steel AISI 304 (08H18N10). Properties of the steel AISI 201 is very similar to the properties of steel AISI 304. This grade easily deformed plastically. Prices of stainless steel AISI 201 for 20-30% less than steel AISI 304.

Stainless steel rod grade AISI 430 (40H13) widely used in food processing equipment. This stainless steel has good durability.

Stainless steel rod supplied with a diameter 2.0 to 250 mm.

Stainless rod calibrated

AISI 304 stainless steel, acid-resistant AISI 316Ti, AISI 321 heat-resistant. Diameter of rods 3-100 mm. Specifications in accordance with GOST 5949-75. Range of products regulated by GOST 7417-75. Calibrated range features high accuracy and surface quality.

Stainless rod hot rolled and forged

Material: heat-resistant stainless steel rod 12Cr18Ni10Ti 20X13, 12H13, 30X13, 40X13, 08H17T. The diameter of the rods 7-315 mm. Range of products regulated by GOST 5949-75. The products are supplied in accordance with GOST 2590-88. Chemical composition of steel meets the requirements of GOST 5632-72.


Stainless steel rods used in the manufacture of components and parts in the industry. Strength, wear resistance, high corrosion resistance of the material can be used in:

  • construction of fences, decor and furniture accessories;
  • seamless pipes, valves and fittings;
  • fasteners, machines, tools, metal working;
  • rims, wheel covers, shafts, rollers for bearings of machines;
  • household appliances, dishes;
  • equipment for food, chemical and light industry.

LLC "Renal-D" supplies stainless steel products from the stock in Ukraine:

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