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Stainless hexagon

Stainless hexagon AISI 321Stainless hexagon - product in the form of rod with six facets. Is the usual accuracy and precise accuracy. Stainless hexagon used as a template for the production of metal products. In the construction, hexagonal - consumables for frames and fences. In the chemical, pharmaceutical and food industries produce parts for various equipment. Stainless hexagon has high durability, heat and corrosion resistance, easily welded and processed.

Stainless steel hexagon grades 12Cr18Ni10Ti 08H18N10T, 20H23N18, 10H17N13M2T, 20X13, 40X13, 95H18, 15H25T. The size is determined by the diameter of the inscribed rod and the length of the rod. Size range of 8-95mm. A calibrated hexagon 3-100mm. Stainless hexagon delivered in lengths of 2 to 6 meters.


Stainless steel is used for making hex fasteners (nuts, bolts, etc.), as well as machinery parts and accessories of varying complexity.

Austenitic stainless hexagon

08H18N10 grade is the most versatile and widely used in various forms. Austenitic stainless steel - 70% of total stainless steel production. Austenitic stainless steel hexagon is not magnetic, due to the high content of nickel and chromium, is the most corrosion-resistant material. Austenitic stainless steel hexagon provides excellent mechanical properties. Thermo processing can not be used for hardening steel. Elements: 18% chromium and 8% nickel.

Martensitic stainless steel hexagon

Martensitic stainless steel hexagon durable and easy to process. Martensitic steel used in the manufacture of wheels, forgings, wire and sheet metal. Basic elements: from 11.5 to 18% chromium, nickel-free.

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