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Stainless flanges

Stainless steel flangesAn integral part of the pipeline in hostile environments is a stainless steel flange. Flat collar and flange outwardly is a ring or a disk that securely connects to the structural elements of the pipeline due to the presence of holes for bolts or other  connection details. Stainless steel flanges are used to connect pipes and fittings in corrosive environments and high atmospheric corrosion.


Stainless steel flanges used in industry, coal energy, oil and gas industry, pharmaceutical and food industries. Stainless steel flanges made by centrifugal casting or forging of a higher quality and have a lower price. Flanges produced by machining much more expensive.

Flanges are in full compliance with regulatory and technical documentation of high quality and excellent appearance. The most common grade fo flanges  12H18N10T and 10H17N13M2T, depending on the climate and environment of pipeline. Collar flange by GOST 12821-80.

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