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Prices of refractory metals

Prices for rare and refractory metals of LLC "Renal-D"
MaterialGradeFormSize, mmPrice, USD/kg
TungstenW1, W2Electrode1,5 - 12120
TungstenW1, W2Rod1,5 - 12150
TungstenW1, W2Wire0,35 - 0,5180
TungstenW1, W2Wire1,5 - 12180
MolybdenumMO1, MO2, MO3, MO4 Wire0,02 - 3180
MolybdenumMO1, MO2, MO3, MO4 Rod2 - 80150
MolybdenumMO1, MO2, MO3, MO4 Sheet0,2 - 4150
TantalumTa1, Ta2, FTa1, FTa2TubeOn request350
TantalumTa1, Ta2, FTa1, FTa2Rod, SheetOn request350
ZirconiumZr 700Sheet, Rod, TubeOn request280
ZirconiumZr 702Sheet, Rod, TubeOn request280
ZirconiumZr 705Sheet, Rod, TubeOn request300
Rare metals
Indium2N-7NSheet, RodOn requestnegotiated
NiobiumNb1, Nb2Sheet, RodOn requestnegotiated

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