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MelchiorMelchior (German Silver) - is copper-nickel alloy, sometimes with the addition of iron and manganese. Melchior - high corrosion resistance alloy, well handled processed in the cold and hot conditions.

Depending on the composition, Melchior resist a sea water, that's why it is used in the production of high-quality parts of marine boats. Melchior used in jewelry, pottery, thermocouples, precision resistors, and so on. Most modern silver coins made ​​of nickel silver (typically 75% copper and 25% nickel, with minor additions of manganese).

Melchior consists of 5-30% nickel, ≤ 0,8% iron and ≤ 1% manganese. For resistors compositionn of an alloy containing 55% copper and 45% nickel.

Melchior - is not the only alloy of copper with nickel. Another copper-nickel alloy - Monel (67% nickel) and Neusilber with the additional presence of zinc.

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