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Die steel

Die steel - steel used for making tools required for metal forming, such as punches, rolls, rolls, etc. It was called by the form of the tool.


Die steels are divided into two categories:

  • Deforming the metal in the cold processed
  • Deforming the metal in hot processed


Die steel cold processed usually must have a high hardness, ensuring stability of steel against abrasion, especially for punches.

Die steel hot processed should have low sensitivity to local heating.

Rolls of cold rolling mills are made of chromium steel with 1 or 2% of chromium.

Metal, used for hot stamps, must have certain properties, such as:

  • high-temperature strength
  • redhardness
  • heat resistance
  • viscosity
  • hardenability
  • temper embrittlement
  • adherence

Stamps, to the light conditions, carbon steel with a carbon content of 0.6 to 1.0%, grades U7, U8, U9. The most widely used for the manufacture of steel dies is grades U7.

For more severe conditions used alloyed steels. The most common steel grade 5HNM and substitutes: 5HGM, 5HNSV, 5HNT.

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